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Shanxi Delta Biotech Co., Ltd is located in Pingyao County, Shanxi Province, China. Pingyao is famous for the ancient city of Pingyao listed as a world cultural heritage Site by UNESCO since1997.

Shanxi Delta Biotech Co., Ltd has a high-quality professional technology research and development team, with many experienced professional engineers, works togather with lots of domestic universities and factories. Company already have made important achievements in the field of biological polysaccharides and plant extracts. With excellent marketing team and domestic channel partners in various regions, we have a sound management plan for product market development and product after-sales service.Thanks for the hard working both from strong, professional R & D team and advanced, perfect sales and service team, our company's products have a high visibility and market share at home and abroad . At the same time, we will, as always, keep the principle of "reputation first, customer first", put the interests of customers in the first place in any case, provide each of our customers for provide the best products and the best quality service.

The company's research and development fields include biological fermentation, plant extraction, polysaccharide utilization, health food, empty capsule and so on. The company's products have been widely and finally used in human food, cosmetics, medicine, medical equipment, pet food, agricultural and other fields, to improve life and health. At the same time, our company has established a thoughtful after-sales and rigorous technical team to provide good technical support for enterprise production capacity and customer application. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

We look forward to working with you.